Hotel Villa Verde Congress & SPA, Zawiercie
Hotel Villa Verde Congress & SPA, Zawiercie
Zloty Potok, Raczynski Palace, Krasinski Manor House

Zloty Potok, Raczynski Palace, Krasinski Manor House

The fairytale land full of picturesque outliers, caves, springs and ponds is a dream destination for walkers, cyclists and lovers of golden trout. The most beautiful places in this area are the four nature reserves with the outstanding reserves "Parkowe" and, a little further away, "Ostreznik". The crystal springs of Elzbieta and Zygmunt give rise to the Wiercica River, which winds its way through a charming valley among the Jurassic hills. The showpiece of this landscape are the unusual fancy-shaped limestone rocks, among which you will find the Devil's Bridge or the gate to the forest called the Twardowski's Gate. The ponds made famous by Krasinski's poem Midsummer Night's Dream, The American or Irydion sparkle with a palette of colours of the surroundings reflected in their mirror. When visiting the Bear Cave, you can learn about the place where the remains of a mammoth, rhinoceros bones and the largest Jurassic bear were found. After an active rest, the oldest and at the same time the most famous trout farm in Europe attracts you with a delicious lunch. The real cradle of Jurassic culture is the Palace and Park Complex with the Raczynski Palace and Krasinski Manor House, which currently houses the Zygmunt Krasinski Museum, where the poet's private belongings, palace furniture and paintings are exhibited. An interesting detail is the piano chosen in Paris for Krasinski's muse, Delfina Potocka, by Fryderyk Chopin. The historic Maple Avenue, planted in the 19th century by Count Krasinski, invites to a moment of reflection. This charming path leads towards the Siedlec Desert, one of only two deserts in the Upland and Central Europe.
Information: 28 km away from the hotel. Price list: from PLN 10 Location of the attraction: ul.Kosciuszki 9, 42-253 Zloty Potok
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